We’re all The Queen of Versailles

If you have the chance to see the documentary The Queen of Versailles, please do. It’s a story about the biggest house in America – 90,000 square feet – and, the man and woman (David and Jackie Siegel) who are building it. David is on top of the world as the “Time Share King” when their financial lives hit the skids with the 2008 market crash.

These people are billionaires, and there’s no way you’re going to be able to relate to their wealth. What you will be able to relate to is their needs, their failures, their hubris, their relationship troubles, their struggles, their addiction to consumerism, and their inability to cope. Here’s the trailer:

The director, Lauren Greenfield, also explores the financial lives of people close to the Seigels, including their nanny, Jackie’s best friend from high school (Tina), and their limo driver. The parallels are poignant and profound, especially in Tina’s story. Jackie and Tina were inseparable as teens, but their lives took completely different paths. They converge again in the fact that Tina is losing her house, just like Jackie. The scale may be different, but the emotions are much the same.


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