There’s $1,000 burning a hole in my pocket

Somehow, I’ve managed my way into $1,000. And by managed, I actually mean I managed my money well enough to have $1,000 extra appear in my account balance. For once, it’s not already spent before it even lands in my clutches. Usually, this sort of windfall (I earned it, btw) is already earmarked for my credit card (paid off officially as of yesterday), or some other pathetic purpose, like late fees at the library.

I don’t know what to do with this much money! I’m having some sort of weird reverse panic attack. Usually, I panic because I NEED $1,000.

Please help:

I’ll let you decide how I spend it.


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3 thoughts on “There’s $1,000 burning a hole in my pocket

  1. Caitlin says:

    I am not sure about using for a “big ticket item” but if you want to spend a little of that on yourself as a reward, I don’t see a harm in it.

    You have just paid off credit card loans so I think you should build your emergency fund a bit before beginning to pay off your student loans. I know this is against what Dave Ramsey and some others say, but there is a lot of comfort and stability that comes with having an emergency fund.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Caitlin. Sometimes, I get into a poor person mentality and I’m afraid to spend money. This is something that requires fixing as much as my credit card balance once did.

  2. Good to see smarter heads prevailed here. Looks Iike I will be putting this money away in my emergency savings. Thanks for voting! 🙂

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