The 60-day credit card-free challenge

Photo: Anthony Furgison/Dreamstime Images

So I’m doing this short-term consumer thing for CBC. You can read it here and you can listen to it here: CBCColumn

If you read it, please make note of the dumb blonde comment. A lovely reader was kind enough to insult my intelligence, and a number of people were equally sweet enough to agree.


Thankfully, I’m familiar insults. I was bullied in elementary school for being fat, and – here’s some awesome irony – for being too smart. Bullying is painful and damaging on many fronts, but it can also help develop both a thick skin* and inspire creativity. Many a successful person can attest to being called names (you know, like stupid) when they were young.

Instead of pouting, I’ve decided to take on this challenge: Is it actually possible to live completely without a credit card?

I guess we’ll find out because that’s exactly what I’m going to do…starting…right…now! For 60 days.

If I can make it, I’ll cancel my credit card for good. And put my real money where my mouthy mouth is.

If I can’t, I’ll write a blog post about the five dumbest blonde things I’ve ever done. And, I assure you, there are many to choose from.


*For the record, being bullied did not help me develop a thick skin. My mental skin is about as thick as butterfly wings. I’m sure the comments section on that piece has since filled up with many more insults. I’ve stopped reading. My sensitive skin will break out in hives. 

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