Let’s make saving the new sexy

This is how a woman I know described to me the man she’d been dating:  “He’s tall, he’s super good-looking, and he drives a — ”

“Stop right there,” I said. “I do not care what kind of car he drives. I care if he is kind to you, if he treats you well. But the car he drives, I don’t care one bit.”

It’s easy to fake financial wellness. Drive a new car or live in a sizable house, and people will assume the best about you. At least financially.

To show our worth, we often flash our wealth. But I’m going to propose a new strategy; let’s put the sexy back into saving money.

Photo: Heather Setka

There is, of course, a slight snag in my scheme: stocking away funds isn’t inherently sexy.

For one thing, anything that takes a looooonnnnnggg time to see results is boring. Enough has been written about our instant gratification generation that I need not go into its wicked ways now. But let’s face it, stuff that gives immediate results (ie./ designer shoes, Pixie Sticks, sexting your boss) has way more sex appeal than that which requires time and dedication to come to fruition (ie./ a post-secondary education, a homemade turkey dinner, a solid marriage).

Patience is a virtue. But virtues don’t usually get us hot.

The other problem is that while we can brag about our marble countertops, our cherry red convertibles and our 500hp speedboats without saying one word (we simply trot them our for all to see), it’s somehow uncouth to mention how much money we have in our savings accounts.

I say – no more. It’s time to start making saving sexy.

Here’s the plan. First, start saving money. (Of course, you have to save the money, silly! Did you think you could skip this bit?) It need not be a lot, as long as you do it consistently, and with a deep commitment and a fervent passion.

Then, every time someone tells you about something they bought or own, respond with the exact sum you put into your RRSP that month, or the precise amount of your TFSA.

And then don’t say another word. It’s best to leave some mystery in these affairs of the heart.


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