Five things I don’t regret dropping cash on: photo essay

I’ve been a drag lately. “Don’t buy this, and don’t buy that.” [Feel free to use your best naggy, finger-waggy voice here.]

Since my first post, I’ve said you shouldn’t spend money on bridesmaid dresses, haircuts, houses, lottery tickets, strollers, kids, birthday parties for kids, and smartphones for kids. So what can you spend your money on? Well, that’s up to you.

But here are five things I’m glad I spent money on:

My Two University Degrees
Cost: No idea. But it’s somewhere in the realm of $40,000 each (and I’d say that’s modest.) In fact, I’m still paying for one of them. When I graduated from journalism school in 2004, I was $19,000 in the hole. I’ve whittled it down to $2,800 and the day I no longer owe for my education will be an big day, indeed. Maybe even bigger than graduation day.
Why it was money well spent: Some say student debt is “good debt”. I say debt is debt. But education does feel more like an investment than, say, a vacation to Maui. After all, I’ve used both these bad boys (yes, even the English degree) many times. They’ve both helped me land jobs (Yes! Even the English Degree!), and they’ve both been useful in my professional life (YES! EVEN THE ENGLISH DEGREE!!!!!)

My Laptop
Cost: $1200
Why it was money well spent: FYI, people who say they “love” their computers or “would die without them” are probably sociopaths. I do not attribute my MacBook with saving my life, but it does make me money. Since I bought it last year, it’s probably made me four or five times what it’s worth. (No, not on those kinds of sites! Gross! I’m a freelancer, you perv.)

Why it was money well spent: I hummed and hawed over this dress for days. At the time, $260 on one article of clothing sounded insane (it still sorta does. I’ll always be a farm girl at heart). It was 2008, and I was covering the Juno awards’ red carpet in Calgary. I needed something bold, and the plunging neckline (to my navel!) certainly made a statement. I met Jim Cuddy in this dress that night. I’ve also worn it numerous times since: Christmas parties, girls’ nights out and even when I was a groomsman for one of my boy bfs. A dress with that many miles is worth way more than any one night wonder. 

My Hale Bob high heels
Why it was money well spent: They’re three inches high, yet they’re so well-engineered that I can walk, run, dance, hopscotch and do other less wholesome things in them all night long. Worth every cent.

My treasure trunk
Why it was money well spent: I found this trunk in a thrift store in Regina. It was day three of a 16-day road trip, and it made no sense to buy it and cart it around Saskatchewan for two weeks. It made even less sense to do so when it didn’t fit into my vehicle’s trunk and my cousin’s husband had to shimmy it into the passenger seat. My uncle would not let this happen (“You are going to get killed trying to look around that thing, Heather!”). He commandeered it from me, stored it at his farm, and then brought it to me in Alberta many months later.

It may or may not be from the early 1900s (a decayed sticker on the side suggests so). Today, it stores copies of everything I’ve ever written or had in print. It cost the least of all these items, but I treasure it the most.

Photos: Heather Setka

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2 thoughts on “Five things I don’t regret dropping cash on: photo essay

  1. Jolene Sinclair says:

    I love reading your blog somehow it makes me feel like we still keep in touch after all these years. Keep on writing because I am learning a lot from you girlie!!!
    Love your cousin

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